Not sure if you have given it much thought but aftercare is a huge expense on rescues did you know that? I dont mean aftercare for a healthy horse and normal horse care … I mean aftercare after a bail or save … well let me tell you about it .. when a team of angels come together to bail a horse from a killpen or auction house that’s the easy part for most … they do not want to even think about a horse going to slaughter or be eaten or even stomped, starved abused in that long hall of a trip to Mexico and to think some are even cut up alive for some persons meal … so they bail them to go to safety but then what … the donation end there for some people but the expense just starts do you know what happens after that? Most of you are amazing people and help when an where you can and your the breath of fresh air to a rescues you are what helps us help the horses … but let’s talk and be real for a minute… after care begins as soon as a horse is bailed out we start preparing for their arrival we must find transport, get a vet appointment, make sure we have the feed, supplement, medicines, dressing for wounds, and the medical supplies on hand depending on that 1 horses needs, QT must been set up and have to spray and disinfect everything again even though it was cleaned and stored after last use can never be to prepare.. you just never know what they have caught while in those places … and then they unload off the trailer and then the reality sets in the vet gets there and starts drawing blood doing stool samples telling you the best route to take to help that 1 horse and let’s not forget UCD refreed protocol and let’s face it alfalfa is extremely expensive down here and that needs to be stocked up on … now comes tests for that horse to find out what’s wrong with it and then bam your hit with a hard prognosis and now its meds everyday sometime 3 and 4 times a day special feeds and needs to be meet for each horse … and most of the donations are depleted at stage one of this and guess what it has to come out of pocket to provide what that 1 horse needs and on top of that 1 horse they are let’s say 5 others that came in from ACO, OS, KP, auctions or livestock at large which then adds all that plus 5 more … so when a rescue ask for help dont take it for granted that you help bail a horse that’s great but aftercare is where the donation help so very much more… its hard on rescues to keep up with the needs 12 months, 365 days a year, 24hours a day … if you dont know that rescues you see asking for help send them a message or call them and ask them what they do … they will be happy to have you as a donor even if it’s not but a dollar a month … if you dont agree with what they do then they are plenty of other rescue that may have your same mind set and they will be happy to have you to …. always B

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