Did you know

I come on here and I’m humbled I stay behind the scenes at SFSER and most dont even know who I am or what I do… let me give you some insight on me and my rescue and what i do with SFSER…. my rescue is the Kaplan location and also home to my rescue 13’s farm livestock rescue here we take care of and most of the time are most horses last stop before they gain their wings and leave this earth …. I gotten ask quite a bit why do i keep doing this… well it’s my calling when I see a horse I picture a big fat healthy horse being rode by a child or winning a show or even being loved sitting in a pasture with his/her human and pasture friends … but what some of you see is nothing but a hurt, starved bag of bones… not saying all of you but some …. your right you never hardly hear of the horses at my farm the reason are they are critical and I dont have time I’m busy feeding, doctoring wounds and listening to my vet as I’m praying for those horse to keep fighting to keep standing to keep trying… it’s hard and sometimes my vet and test come back to a prognosis that I didnt want to hear and that horse I had pictured in the hands of a child has now become hospice care and now they become my every breath my everyday and every night until they decide they no longer want to fight …. it’s hard my heart never heals from the loss of one because the next one still needs me … that’s why you hardly hear from me I’m here I’m just trying to save lives of the forgotten and unloved …. always beth

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