On my mind

Today we took pictures and today alot of our rescue got the clear to find new homes… its bitter sweet when most of these horses came in it was like death him self walked them off the trailer it was heart breaking to finally meet them in person…. some of their back stories was terrifying and some had no story no name just forgotten…. we are that rescues who crys for them we stay by their sides until the end… some has only gotten to stay with us hours some a few days other weeks, months and years … we love them like they are our last breath… what we do is never easy and it comes with alot of stress and tears and anger… we know we cant save them all but for that 1 horse it’s all that matters in the world…. a soft hand a loving soul and soft bed and all of that horses needs met… and because of this our vets has become family half the time we spend more time with our vet than we do our own family’s…. alot may ask why we do this why we fight so hard why??? Well because we do it for the love of that animal for the once forgotten soul that just needs a chance just needs a soft place to cross over …. to us it doesn’t matter how bad, how starved, beaten, abused, hurt or crazy they all have one thing in common they all need someone and if we can be that rescue than we will be …. alot may not agree and that’s ok … we are here for the animals …. I know this is long but it’s hard on my heart tonight … love always beth

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